I have tried on several occasions to use depth of field. Can some one please explain how to set up the focal distance... I have turned the camera on and created a line from the camera to the object and used the read out on the distance but this does not seem to work so well when the camera is angled.


Liam Woolley 

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here... try this:



it adds a command to "setTargetPlane"

Are you using the post effect DOF, or the real one from the view dock bar?
Cheers j.Andre will check it out. Im using the one in the view dock bar.. The set target works ok but it always moves the camera..
if u want a custom range where the camera isnt directly facing the object you want to focus on, you need to make sure "use view target" is unchecked. you have to play with the focus distance until you reach a distance (from camera i am assuming) that the focus area is. the f-stop just increases the ammount of blur of things in front and things behind the focus range. so if u really want to see what effect your chosen distance is having, set the fstop lower to increase the blur ammount, though render time will most likely be affected.

Hi Liam,

My method for setting up DOF is to turn on the camera in the Perspective view (F6) and use Osnaps to measure (Distance) from the point at the back of the camera to the current target point on the camera or to a point on the model. The distance is reported in the command line. I then enter this value in the DOF settings instead of using the active view target. The default f-stop of 7 is rarely appropriate in my experience. I usually enter something between 12 and 18.

Sussed it :) Cheers for all the advice, using F6 and measuring from the back of the camera to the desired target worked great. Cheers, Liam. 


very interesting discussion!

so i want to try the dof!

lets see if i understand right

in the UP view  i must measure the distance between back camera side and the point i would like see blurry

lets do an example:

i would see perfectly clear, the red box in first plane,and a little bit blurry the sphere!

what i might do?


Yes, measure from the back of the camera to the object that you want to be in focus. I'd use Neon too in order to see the effect in real time. 

neon works only for R5?

or goes OK also under R4?

Only v5 as noted on the Neon page... http://v5.rhino3d.com/group/neon if you have v4 you can use v5 as well. 

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