A Christmas present: Brazil Material Library Beta

Hi all

The Brazil material library issue is something that's been bubbling away at McNeel for years, and never really suitable resolved.  I think it's time to do something about it, so I've decided that we're going to put together as full featured a material library as possible which can be downloaded in one piece from this website.

The first beta of this material library is available from here:


It only works on Rhino 5.0 at the moment.  And it installed into a sub-directory of the "Render Content" folder that opens in the Libaries panel.  In addition, it installs a "Favorites" link in Windows Explorer on Windows Vista, 7 and 8.

In addition to collecting together all of the materials that we've had on this site, I've also put together ready environment files made from all of Brian James' HDRs.  I've made sure that all of the textures and HDRs are included, and properly pathed.  And perhaps the most important thing - I've customized the thumbnail previews so that they are detailed versions of the rendered previews on this website.

On Windows Vista onwards, you can increase the size of the thumbnails in both the library panel and Windows Explorer up to 256x256.  And you can drag and drop these fully previewable files directly onto Rhino objects to assign them.

There are currently about 220 materials and 35 environments included in the library.  My hope is that with user input and some work here at McNeel, we can expand the library to around 2000 materials.  I hope you'll help me to achieve that aim over the next few months.

If you would like to submit a material for the library, please send it to me at andy@mcneel.com as an rmtl file.  If you are really keen, you will use the material preview scene in the "Scenes" folder of the library to render a preview of the material and send it to me - preferably as a BMP file - zipped up with the rmtl.  Even of you don't go to that trouble, I will go through the process here.

If you have any other comments about the library layout or its existing contents, please post here on the forum.


 - Andy

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Here's an example of what I mean by the Windows Explorer preview and Favorites link.




Fantastic! I'll scan through my folders of materials I've needed to create and send a few along...




Perhaps most important about this - although I know it doesn't mean much to you guys - is that I've been working on a system internally to ensure that updating the material library is as painless as possible.  This means its *much* more likely that I will actually do it ;)  The whole thing is basically automatic.

So send along your files and I'll get new releases of this thing out ASAP.


Wow very thanks guys and i wish you a merry christmas, good luck and creativity in next year.

There's a new library available:


It has about 10 more materials and I've also added all of the notes from the gallery to the RMTL files.  When Rhino 5.0 SR2 comes out, the notes information will be displayed in the Windows Explorer tooltip.  Otherwise, you can see them in the notes panel on the material editor.

Nice! Glad to see the user base really stepped up and send you thousands of new materials to add :-)...

Ha ha!  Baby steps!

Hi, thank you for this xmas gift!

Unfortunately I was not able to install the library since the installer could not find the original material folder.

Can you make an installer that asks for the library position?

Thank you and wishes for a happy new year

Are you using Rhino 5?  I'm afraid the library will only work with Version 5...at least, at the moment.

This is all very nice, but I'm afraid after installing Rhino 5.0, I've lost all the materials and tool shortcuts I had before. I can get to Brazil setting, but any materials I had there previously are gone. The installer also seems to install the files in weird places. I'm using Parallels with Windows 7.0 with my Mac. That shouldn't be an issue, though. Everything else seems to be working great. It's just Brazil that is moody. Help!

Hi Andrew,

no I'm still using Rhino 4 since I am waiting for Brazil to run on 64 bit Rhino 5 to upgrade.

HI Andy ! 

          I really appreciate your help & thank you for your time .I was having very hard time to find on the internet the answer & then was very busy for my design work that is why could not reply soon.

I download & installed the Library link you have sent to me & it is working now except the HDR 's ,some how the Environmental pics I cant load because  the HDR image is not reading my computer & it says that it does not support .I ve tried to download but can't find .also the RTNL file type it does not recognise too.I am doing step by step video from Youtube with Brazil tutorials but it is not the same on my computer when I try to load .I am not worried about the RTML because on my comp shows like a rhino icon but I can read what it says the name of like " Copper or Glass" but the HDR it does not load .

   Sorry brother if am giving hard time but that s all how I could explain & if you know some ways how I can do it to be able to read this HDR & to load .Please let me know maybe some video tutorials or some way so I can see & apply my HDR images from Brazil Library & in the Future I want to make my own HDR images I have a lots of Ideas & sure if I can do I will share with you at this site.

    Thanks again Andy for your help!


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