In order control the effect that colored glass has on light as it passes through it, Brazil provides Absorption Control that is wavelength (color) dependent.  Absorption begins and ends with the Start and End parameters which are given in Scene Units.  I can't find a definition or explanation of what Scene Units are.


Can anyone explain this to me?



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I believe theterm 'Scene Units' refers to the measurement unit in effect in your model, be it millimeters, inches etc.



so if the wall thickness of a glass material is .1 inches, the absorption would occur over a .1 inch distance.  the start would be 0.0, the end would be 0.1?



Above data extracted from the 'old' Brazil reference Manual. I can email this to you if needed. It was intended for the 3DS Max version, but a lot of the data is applicable to Brazil for Rhino.

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