advanced global fog environment vs brightness material

Dear all,


I creat a scene by using advanced global fog environment as below.


at the right side of the picture there ist a small blue advertising space which was defined as a brightness material.

I want this area get  the global fog effect like the spotlight at the background. But whatever I change the parameter(amount from 0.5 to 40) of brightless material its just dosent works



The picture below was manipulated in photoshop.

So, I dont know if the advanced global fog environment dosent support brightless material? or there are some tricks we need to know?


The Rhino Scene loaded.





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Yup - that's correct.  The volumetric environment doesn't seem to be able to handle GI from the brightness material.  I would add a rectangular light in front of the bright object to simulate this.  See attached.


hi andrew,


thanks for the advise. It looks much better now. I am still thinking what is the better way to get 'Neonlicht-effect' in a fog...

Unfortunately there's no true "string light" type in Brazil - something for 3.0 maybe?

Hi Frank,

I have two options for you. The first is to use the 'glow' post effect in the Brazil render window. You turn it on with the light bulb icon and then double click it to open the properties for the glow. The color swatches available can be used as eye droppers if you click on the drop down arrow for each. This approach worked best for me on your file with a 'glow size' of .6 and a 'gain' of .8 after sampling the cyan panel. The effect will be similar to what you've done in Photoshop.


The second approach (which I like better) is to create a rectangular light slightly in front of the panel and assign it the same color as the brightness material using copy and paste from the color swatches. Then enable decay with the 'inverse square' option to keep the light from spreading to the entire foreground. The multiplier of the rectangular light was also reduced to .35 as you can see in the file I'm posting. Lastly, the sample rates for the area parameters of the rectangular light were increased to smooth out the graininess of the light as it passes through the volumetric environment. 



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