After using Octane on a different machine (that I can not access now) I can not run it at home even if it says DEACTIVATED in my licenses (online). That is really strange.
When I start Rhino it says "OctaneLive ID and Password not found. You will need to activate the Octane plugin."
But there is no screen as usual popping up to put in my User name and pass. So Rhino opens up normally and I can not click on Activate or Deactivate or any other fields in the Octane Activation tab. When I switch to another tab it simply says "You must be activate the plugin in order to open the viewport".
I need to finish renderings for a presentation tonight, so any useful answers within the next mins / hours are highly appreciatet !

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.



Recruitment Management Solution Video

Thank you.

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