I'm having some issues generating good quality and realistic shadows, see attached image. Shadows appear 'striped' and any changes I make don't seem to make any noticeable difference. Sun is on with Brazil 2 ray shadows, skylight on and HDRI environment.  I've changed the light bounce variable with no apparent effect, changed both the blur & bias settings for the soft edge shadow option, but still no noticeable difference.  Auto-occlusion is on. Even changing from Brazil 2 ray with soft edge to integrated ray shadows the same occurs.


Any help would be much appreciated.



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You try play with Bias and blur in soft edge shadows ... On all my render i use this.



I usually use the Brazil 2 ray shadow for this type of rendering, but any changes to bias and blur, as well as many other settings, don't seem to help. Even if I disable auto-occlusion, it's still there. Render is set up with a backplate image and a matching HDRI and matte material for the base. I'm hoping it's just a simple setting that I (a) don't know much about, or (b) have simply overlooked it the multitude of variables that I have to attempt to keep track of.


I eventually rendered with standard shadows, but even then the striping effect is still there. It can of course be helped in post-processing, but getting it right straight out of Brazil would be much prefered.

Hi Alan,


The first thing I'm wondering is what your settings are for resample filtering in the AO cache. I'd try 64 samples with 'precompute' checked and 64 refilter samples as well. The striping looks like it's AO related to me. The higher the refilter sample value, the smoother the AO shadows get. 


Let me know if that doesn't work... or if you already have that option enabled. 



Thanks, I'll give it a try and see what the outcome is.




Excellent!!!! The 64/64 samples and pre-compute settings fixed the issue. My default settings will now be 64/64.


Many thanks.



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