I'm trying to create a bump texture in a basic material.


I was checking the jewelry tutorial and I see how do it using Chrome material, but I don't know how to do it in a basic material.  The main problem is I don't see any difference when I add the bump. Is there an option to defined Displacement Amount?




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Under 'Basic Material Parameters', you input either a procedural bump in the bump channel (noise, fBm etc), or input a bitmap/jpeg image.  Next to this is a scroll box that allows you to dial in the effect percentage. Once you're selected the type of bump (let's say you choose fBm), you can see the textures has been added in 'Nodes'. Now select the applied texture and change it's settings under 'Local Mapping'. Best to check the WCS box then experiment with the XY and Z sizes in the 'Local Mapping' section.  This can be a little bit of trial and error until you find the correct sizes, and may explain why you're not seeing anything if you've correctly added a bump feature. Similar process if you want to add a bump to a Brazil Advanced Material.


Attached image shows from L to R, Basic material, basic material with fBm textures, and basic material with bitmap image used for texture.

Brazil does not have displacement. I hope this helps.


Hi Alan,


Thanks for your help.


I was trying but it doesn't look 3D. This is my best result, as you can see in the sillouette is a perfect sphere. :(

May you recommend me other parameters to check?








Looks like you're using the default lighting, everything looks flat with that:-). In the Luma Server, disable default lighting, check global illumation is on, and check skylight is on. You need to select a Brazil GI environment and use the HDRI for reflection (we're creating the illusion of 3D...)


A sphere perhaps isn't the best to demonstrate, as Brazil doesn't have displacement, no matter what you render will look perfectly spherical. You can play around with the bump maps (create 2 color maps, negatives and so on) to see what provides a better effect.

Also, try using the Brazil Advanced Material (BAM), as this provides for a lot more options.




"Bump" doesn't actually change the geometry, so the silhouette will always stay the same.  If you really need this kind of effect, you need to use Displacement in V5.

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