Best way to bundle a .3dm file with materials and textures?


I know materials are saved with the Rhino file, but textures (specifically, external bitmaps) are not, so far as I can tell.  Is there any way to export the complete bundle from inside Rhino, without needing to hunt down the individual texture files and zip them together with the Rhino file at the end?

What is the best way to handle this?



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Document Properties

- Rendering 

and click  Save support files etc. + Include textures etc. on.

Works well with Brazil.

Great, thank you Janne!  Exactly what I was looking for. 

I realize now that another nice feature of 3D Max that I'm missing in Rhino is the ability to import materials from other .3dm files -- i.e. from inside the material editor, to be able to open another model file as a mini-library of materials, and just import the ones I want into my new file...

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