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Brazil 2.0 for Rhino Service Release 2 is now available from:


This service release of Brazil contains a host of new features, most important of which is full support for 64-bit Rhino 5 and Neon.  There's also clipping planes, support for more processors, automatic geometry overlap resolution, and better canceling performance.  The full list is below.


 - Andy

20121107: Service Release 2


- Support for 64-bit Rhino 5
- Support for unlimited processor cores
- Screen mapping is now supported for textures.
- Full optimized clipping plane support including clipping sections and custom materials implemented.
- Rhino 5 32-bit version with support for Rhino 5 specific features (like clipping plane sections)
- Added vertex color texture to the main project.
- GI environment blur sections have more control over blur level.
- Render canceling performance improved.
- Pressing "Cancel" on the progress dialog reports that canceling is in progress.
- Use diffuse lighting setting in Rhino 5.0 now supported.
- Rhino 5 "Show Underside" ground plane setting is now respected if Force 2 sided is *not* on in the Renderer settings.
- Geometry overlap noise eliminated.

Bug fixes:

- Fixed back face bump mapping
- Brazil Beta did not run on Rhino 5 Eval
- Fixed incorrect normal mapping.
- Fixed bump mapping on ground plane.
- Clipping plane sections did not preserve the host object's texture mapping
- Fixes crash bug in light drawing code.
- 64-bit Crashes related to EWA filtering with the Brazil Advanced Texture fixed.
- Crashes where a material was used in a bump channel are now fixed.
- Specular component added at the end of shade for basic materials.
- Basic material transparent color now supported.
- Bounces are now automatically increased "under the hood" so that skylight GI is visible.
- Never-active progress dialog pause button removed.
- Low Priority Thread option never actually worked. This has now been changed to set all rendering threads to "Below Normal"
- Emission in basic materials was not supported.
- Basic materials with transparency and IOR 1.0 did not work correctly.
- Removed the console to solve many threading bugs/crashes. Console output is still available in the log (see config options)
- Changing mesh settings and then rendering when there are no shaded viewports active caused a crash.
- Two GI environments in the composite environment didn't work.
- Brazil menu items did not cancel previous commands.
- Removed ContentBrowser and ViewDockBar commands from menu when running on V5.

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Thanks for the update. One ongoing issue I have is when I install Brazil, the taskbars aren't automatically added, and every time I start Rhino, I need to go in add enable Brazil from the Tools/Toolbar Layout. Any guidance you can offer?



Rhino 4.0 or 5?

Rhino 4

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