Brazil 2.0 for Rhino SR3 Beta 8 Now Available

Hi all

Brazil 2.0 for Rhino SR3 Beta 8 is now available from:

This release features improvements to the iridescence feature added in Beta 7, and a raft of changes to defaults - including shadows and skylight on by default and better sampling.  We've also included support for 2-point perspective in Rhino 5 - asked for a few days ago on this forum.

This is looking pretty close to what we will release for SR3 final - so please let us know if there's anything else you need!


- Andy

2013-08-08: Service Release 3 Beta 8


  • Shadows are now, finally, on by default.
  • Other defaults changes - skylight, environment sky, higher anti-aliasing.
  • Support for Rhino 5 two-point perspective.
  • Improvements to iridescence.

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Will GPU rendering (viewport & final rendering) be supported in future developments of Brazil and Neon?

i recently started using Brazil.........just want to say ....."Simply amazing".........................i just found everything i need here.........EXCEPT two thing :

01_ FUR (like vray fur in max) to make grass field )

02_ Proxy ( to render vegetation )

Again i just facing a BIG problem....after setting up an architectural project, it made my whole system very very SLOW (CPU and RAM started using almost 100% WITHOUT RENDERING when the project file size is 568 MB. ( my system configuration Core i5, RAM 6GB , and worked at Rhino 5 SR6 )

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