This looks interesting:


Some people already have an alpha build for 3dsmax and have posted some images:


The press release says it's also running on Rhino, is this true? Are you working on it? Any more Rhino specific info would be nice.

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I can't provide you with any more information, unfortunately, than the press release, but I can confirm that it is running on Rhino.
Small teaser image for you guys too :o)
Wow! Looks like Imagination realized they had a winning product and eventually gave Brazil some CPR!
It has been without oxygen for too long, we still don't know how severe is the brain damage.

Hi Cuneyt, Andy. It's great to hear that Brazil is alive. I'd almost given up hope for my favorite engine! =)  Can you confirm if this sample image was made in B3 for Rhino?




Confirmed. :o)
More, please... :-)
yy more more , please ;)
Hi Cuneyt. This video- I'm guessing this was captured directly from a viewport, not actually rendered?

Yes - that's the general idea.  I suspect this is from the Maya build...but the "not actually rendered" isn't really accurate.  It's still fully rendered and raytraced...but it's in the viewport.
Hi Andy. That's what I meant. Rendered yes, and very very very fast :-)

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