I've been asked to create some animation based on Brazil renderings, using Rhinos standard turntable and path animation features. These aren't intended to be Pixar level animations, but do need to be professional looking. They're intended to be included on a web site and used in PwrPoint presentations. I'm looking for some direction on suitable, and inexpensive, software suitable for video creation using multiple still rendered images. In addition to piecing together many still jpegs into a video, having pan and zoom capability of still images would be good (I note Adobe Premier will do this, unsure about other packages).


So far, I've looked at Avid Studio and possibly the new version of Adobe Premiere 10, as both appear to have sufficient feature sets for doing basic animation.


Looking for recommendations from anyone that's already doing this, keeping in mind I need to be able to create these on a very small budget. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks...

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I have found Premiere Elements to be a perfectly capable video editor for this kind of thing.




Thanks for the prompt reply. I'm going to try the evaluation version(s) and see what works best. Avid Studio can be purchased on line (at least in the US) for roughly the same as Elements.

For folks that don't need the zoom and pan features but just want to combine stills into an animation, the free Windows Movie Maker does a great job.

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