Dear Brazil Team,

I'm studying industrial design and just bought the educational license of Rhino 5. I'm trying to find the best suited renderer for my needs (products, interiors). I boiled it down to two options: VRay for Rhino and Brazil. Now I have an few questions regarding Brazil and its future development.

Here we go:

  1. Brazil is part of the "McNeel - Group" that develops Rhino?

  2. If so, then why do you work on three different renderers an the same time - Brazil, Flamingo and Penguin? Flamingo is totally unnecessary - can't you please stop it and concentrate on Brazil instead?

  3. Do you have any plans on supporting OpenCL based rendering like VRay does since its 2.0 Version for 3ds Max?

  4. VRay seems to be the more advanced renderer but that doesn't correspond to the pricing. Of course I respect your work and I don't want to underrate Brazil but wasn't (or still isn't) the low price of Rhino (in comparison to other modelers) one big aspect that lead to its success?

  5. Can you publish something like a roadmap? With a roadmap interested people and potential customers could make a more grounded decision weather Brazil is the right product to start working with.

I'm really looking forward to your answers.

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1) Brazil is developed by McNeel, yes - using tools supplied by Caustic Inc.

2) The renderers have very different target markets.  Flamingo is intended to be easy to use.  Brazil is intended to be a high-end production renderer for people who know their photons from their irradiance cache.

3) You can get an idea of Brazil future development by looking at Neon.  It's a viewport renderer built on essentially the same core as what will become Brazil 3.0.  It's not production quality yet, but it's early days.

4) There are several differences between VRay and Brazil.  One of them is the price - you will have to make your own mind up based on all of the parameters.

5) Yup - I can publish a roadmap for all of our products in one sentence:  We will do every in our power to provide users with the tools and support they need as quickly and efficiently as we possibly can.

Thank you for your answers. Just the third question is still open a little bit. I have already watched a youtube demo of Neon. RT is fine but I'm really interested if you plan to let graphic hardware do the rendering instead of the CPU.

ok, after signing up for the Rhino-forum I'm now able to view the links. And - yes, thank you that helps.

After reading it I googled for "OpenRL" an found this:

and this:

which leads to some mor questions:

  1. So it won't be about OpenCL but OpenRL but that also supports GPUs. So basically GPU support - YES. (Ok I just gave the answer myself)
  2. Will this OpenRL based rendering be just used in the RT/Neon or will you integrate this power into the production rendering?
  3. Brazil-Team is part of the McNeel Team and not only develops a Brazil version for Rhino but also for 3dsMax?
  4. Will Brazil3 for Rhino be available in 2013 or more likely 2014?

Sorry for my somewhat annoying questions but I just want to make sure that if I buy I'm not jumping on a dead horse. Right now I have the impression that Brazil for Rhino is a quite lively horse.

OK, forget my third question. Caustic Professionals develope Brazil which is not a final renderer for any specific 3D-modeler. You from McNeel take the Brazil SDK and turn it into a renderer for Rhino. Sorry, that took a while.

2. Yes

4. We have no idea.

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