Brazil (for Max) end-of-life announcement...

Guess this was to be expected. But I hope this is referring only to supporting B2 for Max and that they've not killed off development of B3 for Max?! :{

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Also, on Rhino 5.0, there's a "Last Renderings" list in under "Recent" on the file menu of the render window.

That would be the ticket, unfortunately I can't locate it.
I can see all the individual save buttons, but the big one avoids me.

The point being that you get a visual overview of what's being rendered over time.

The current setup needs 3 mouseclicks and provides absolutely no visual cues as to which rendering is which.
I have to click click click and wait and then see whwteher I choose the right one.... 

If you are revising your rendering settings constantly the visual progression is immensibly usefull.

If you could couple that with a render setting history so that I could load render settings from an old rendering that would be first-class. Something like: rightclick old rendering thumbnail -> load rendersettings.

Yup - that makes a lot of sense. We're looking into saving the settings with images.

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