Hy guys I have a problem with this material:

I  have dowloaded the Famous Furniture Collection #1. This is the link:


I have saved the material Brazil Advanced Material 008 as a file. It is included in this file LeCorbusier_LC2_Sofa.3dm.

Now I load it into my file but the rendering is completily different. In particular the bump map doesn't work.

The strange thing is that when copy my file into the LeCorbusier_LC2_Sofa.3dm. it works perfectly.

At this point I think the problem is the Brazil/file configuration but if I load the same configuration of  LeCorbusier_LC2_Sofa.3dm into my file the problem persist.

The only difference is the misure unit: inches for LeCorbusier_LC2_Sofa.3dm and millimeters for My file.3dm and the color of the material: Brown instead Black all the other options are identic.

The mapping of every element in the scene is standard (surface) I haven't change it.

What's the problem?How Could I do?I need to wok with millimeters.

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