Dear Brazil Team,

Every renderer needs materials and with your latest effort in releasing a Material library you made an important step. I have a little suggestion. Why don't you make a contest like every month or so.

It could look like this:

  • You create a 3dm file with a special scene and theme.

  • The competition would be to create materials, option-files and a pdf or youtube tutorial for your 3dm file.

  • The Best three packages of rendering, materials and tutorial will get a free license of the next Brazil.

  • Your material library will grow and more tutorials on your page will bring more people to try Brazil and eventually buying it.

What do you think?

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I've thought about that, but at the moment we've decided not least not internally.  However, if users would like to organise a competition of some sort, I'm sure we could discuss some form of prize.  It does seem a little odd, though, to give as a prize the exact tool that you have used to create the submission.

If you meant "Brazil 3.0" - that's a long way off.  I wouldn't consider that a prize.

Nice idea, but few people ever enter such things outside students.

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