Convex Edge Addition to Occlusion Shader?

Hi Andy,


Could we have a convex (and concave) edge option on the occlusion shader? 


I need a method of producing consistent occlusion around all sharp or filleted edges (although this may negate the true definition of occlusion?...). 


I use this style of occlusion all the time with Modo, but would love to see this option added in Brazil.


I can get some nice occlusion shading with the refraction option, but (obviously) just not with the edge consistency I need.


Thank you!


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Turn on Attenuate ( in occlusion texture) and adjust end point, 10 is good start.

Thanks Janne, that's what I've been working with...just still looking for a little more consistency around all edges...


I've been placing the occlusion texture in the color slot (in the porcelain material)--is that the correct location for the occlusion texture?

Thank you!

Yes, that should work.


Here's a version of Janne's part with Porcelain and the Occlusion texture in the color channel - and the model is also attached.



Thanks so much for the file.  Actually, those are the settings that I have been using.

One difficulty with the refraction setting is that I lose some occlusion on edges/corners that face the camera.

Please see my attachment.  Also, when I try to enhance the occlusion with focus (at .5), you can see that the front corner occlusion is lost even more on the front post edge. 

Also, with occlusion, the door panel and decorative grid become much darker.  I would need to separate those materials with different occlusion parameters, I suppose.

A modo comparison (note the front corner of the post facing the camera) is attached just for reference with a global material setting to all parts.

I have had very good success with Jonah's suggestion by plugging in subsurface scattering into occlusion, but rendering time takes a huge hit to the nature of the shader.

Anyway, this is where I am at the moment, and why I was hoping for the possibility of enhancement to the occlusion options (or just educate me regarding additional occlusion options).


Thanks so much as always!


Hmm - I wonder if we add a reverse normal option...that would make it non-camera dependent...

Sounds great---would love to try it out!


It will be in the next SR3 Beta.

Terrific!!! Thank you!!!

Sweet!!! Iridescence and more occlusion options. That's really fantastic, Andy :)

Yep yep - we're still working on the iridescence.

 - Andy

Jonah Barnett said:

Sweet!!! Iridescence and more occlusion options. That's really fantastic, Andy :)

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