What's the most efficient way to create it? Linear lights or bright geometry? Should I actually try to light the room with it or supplement with...an area light?

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It's not for a super-realistic simulation, just has to get the idea across...

Hi Jim,

What kind of lighting are you looking for? Do you have a reference image? 

Just GIS "cove lighting." I tried linear lights first and got (just using QMC) disco-light GI that wouldn't go away no matter how insane I set the settings. I'm trying replacing the linear lights with area lights right now(without photons) and at first I thought it was better but...well it's better but still not good. Trying linear lights with photons next.

loooks like area lights(linears don't do photons, typo)with photons do alright at lighting up the space with all indirect light...though linear lights looked better in the "coves" at first blush.

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