How do We adjust the DPI for Printing?

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I wrote this about 10 years ago, but everything here is still relavent:

Thats all fine and dandy but it does not answer My question. How do You save a file for printing @ 1024 * 768 * 150 DPI or 1024 * 768 * 300DPI  It is very simple and obvious for Flamingo but I cannot find this setting within Brazil..thanks

You can't.    There is no DPI calculator built into Brazil.

But it doesn't really matter.  DPI has nothing to do with rendering.  It has everything to with printing.

Usually when working for print, you have physical dimensions, not pixel dimensions. For example an 8" by 10" image. Now you take the desired size and multiply that by the DPI you require. So here 8 x 300 = 2400 and 10 x 300 = 3000. You can now set your output to 2400 x 3000.

In the Brazil help, in the section for Brazil Document Properties, the Output Size section has some more information on this.

Kind Regards,

Sergio Martinez

McNeel Miami

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