Hi, it seems that a lot of the history of the forum has disappeared.  Google searches for things that use to result in forum links (e.g. "Brazil Clipping Plane") bring up links that then come to a broken page here on the site.

THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM!  Those posts were hugely useful, and held a lot of effort and wisdom.  Could somebody from McNeel please address this somehow?  Or has that old data been moved to another location that neither this site's search, nor Google is finding?

The community can't function without a reliable forum.

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OH - okay, I see, the forum posts are still on the legacy website (click "Legacy Website" at the top).  But Google isn't getting through to them - is this something that could be fixed?  The old forum is full of relevant information that is now basically hidden from the web at large.


Hi George,

Click on 'Legacy Website' at the top of this site and then search there for the old forum posts. I just searched for 'clipping plane' and the old discussions came up fine. Sorry this is a little hidden. 


Thanks Brian - it's just hard for folks to track down.  It would be ideal to migrate the old ('legacy') forum posts into the new forum, or otherwise make them searchable by Google, at least - Google's links are all breaking to old posts... unfortunately I don't know much about web migration, but there must be a solution to this.

Anyway at least the info is not lost.

Unfortunately, that is virtually impossible.  The only way we could get this new website to work was to abandon the old site.  I think everyone agrees this is much better...but there were some disadvantages.
One last follow-up on this - the way to make any legacy link work (i.e. any link you hit on Google search to content from the old Brazil for Rhino site) is just to replace the portion of that link that contains "brazil.mcneel.com" with "legacy.brazil.mcneel.com".  At least so far this has worked for me.

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