How can I convert the arealight to spotlight ?

I  want  to make  a  spotlight  to  shine  the  pens  according to  "getting   started  "  but  the area light  can not  be  converted  to  a spotlight ! I  can not find the settings located  the  brazil! my  rhino is  rhino4 SR9.  the  brazilfor rhino is  the current build .where  does my question arise?  How can I  solve  it ?

thanks  a  lot !

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Have you opened the "Properties" docker for the light?  You should fine the combo box to switch between the two on there.


Select the light.

Type "Properties"

thanks firstly  for  your answer,

Only  can  I  find  the  upload  picture.

You have inserted a "Portal" - not an area light.  Those can't be converted to spotlights.  You'll have to make a rectangular light.
I've solved the question.thanks more!

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