Hello everybody!

I'd like to know how linear light works. I've had a lot of problems with that. I just don't understand how it works. I think it does not work like linear light should, "

Inserts a light that imitates a fluorescent tube."


I'm using latest R5 and Brazil beta (64bit)


I made a box and put linear light in it, result was not what I wanted. I made sure that linear light was on. Then I tried point light and it worked like I was thinking. I made photo shopped picture, how I think linear light should work... There might be some setting I don't know to use. If somebody knows what to do, please help me :)


Please see attachment picture


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Hi Henri,

The linear light works best when the photometric option is enabled. Here's a sample file that shows how I would set it up. I also like to put point lights at the ends of the linear light with a reduced photometric intensity. This prevents the black spots which happen from the open ends of the linear light.


Thanks, looks great!

It worked when I opened new file and made box with light there. But... It didn't work with my old objects... I tried to change setting but I didn't find any solutions...


The size of the scene in relation to the candela intensity was most of the problem. I'm not a physicist but I think that photometric lighting will take into account the size of the space being lit in relation to the intensity. There is also the physical size of the linear light to consider. In any case, here's an altered version of your file. I made everything smaller and adjusted the power of the linear lights back to 1. Then I adjusted the candela intensities. Both power and photometric intensity will effect the strength of the light but I generally try and do all the adjustment with the photometric value. For instance, the larger linear light is set to 4000cd since it was too dark at the default of 1500cd... given the size of the space being lit. The last thing I changed was to increase the minimum samples in the linear parameters for the lights that are shaded. This prevents them from shining through their covers when using an irradiance map and also lets the light fall further down the vertical walls.


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