How to create a realistic rubber-tyre material

I people...

i'm trying to modeling a car with rhino !

a lotus seven,and now i've a problem:

how to create a realistic rubber to apply on car- tires?

i just start from a BAM

i choose a dark gray color and after i turn ON bump(noise)

any suggestions?


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First thing is to turn off the gloss - or rather the "highlight" in Brazil terms.  Next I would ensure that the tire shapes are more tire-like (with wall curvature).  Already then it should look pretty good.

i totally agree!
secret was turn off the hightlight parameter on brazil!
i will show a render later,when i finish the model!

I THINK i finished my model!

the finally renders: 


Fantastic stuff!


i improved my performances due to all you!!!

i must understand only a thing:how to mapp a texture for head lamps(for the next mission:))


in red...

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