Sometimes I have a problem with too much light, how should i reduce it?


Fe. in white gold & diamonds jewellery rendering and also in this case (attached in the file) I created inside point light but it is too strong...


Thanks for help!


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Under light properties (press F3 for Properties), from drop down box at top, select 'Light'. In the Color section, there's a box marked 'Mult:' for multiplier, default is 1.0, simply reduce this number to reduce the light intensity. 

Another technique to consider is to reduce the skylight power in the luma server in addition to the point light multiplier value in Properties. Often a Balance between the sky and any actual lights yields the best results. You may also want to enable Global Illumination with a minimum bounce value of 2. This will help to light the area where your silver shell meets the ground plane. 

Brian J.

Thanks Alan and Brian, very helpful tips.


Re : Alan: I used it while creating a new light


Re : Brian: was that for the light in default?

Can you reduce light in default at all?


Check this picture...


Hi Marzena,

Are you asking about Global Illumination? If so, that will be used by all lights in the scene but the default modeling lights (the ones that light the model in shaded mode) will not be used if there are any other lights active or if the Skylight is turned on. The Skylight also requires a minimum number of bounces to use GI...2. You may also want to read through this tutorial that I made a while back on rendering jewelry. Some of the light balancing we're talking about is used.

i think  the best way to reduce light illumination is to modulate the ligth tweak number, under luma server menu!

make a try!


ah, reducing the value for less light (<1.00)

increase,for more illumination (>1.00)

Thanks a lot, it all works!

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