I have a problem with the mesh vertex color shader. 


It works fine without indirect illumination:

But as soon as I turn on indirect illumination I get this:

Any ideas? 


Thanks, Wieland

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I will have to take a look at the shader when I get back to work on Monday...or if I get a few moments during the weekend.


Sorry to take a while to answer this - somehow the email notification for the thread didn't work and I missed it 8(


 - Andy

Í can't repeat this - is it possible to get the model from you?

Hi Andy,


you can download the file here:




I am using Brazil V2.0.1.1, 64 bit, in Rhino 5.


I thought it has something to do with the normals but I flipped and rebuild them but get the same result...


Thanks for your help,



I don't have a solution to the problem, unfortunately, but am wondering if either of you could provide a link to the actual shader download - it seems that the external link to wherever the original post about the vertex color shader is is broken ... I guess many old links to the forum are broken?

Anyway this shader sounds great but I can't find any posts or information anywhere on the internet, let alone this website, about where to download it.  Google has the link (dead) to the original post on this site... but now the search function doesn't turn it up.

Thanks for any help. - George


i have an idea,but  i don't  think is the solution of the case:

i'm italian,and i use rhino with italian menu,so i try to translate the english menu for the solution-->

 try this

1)go in modify menu

2)search select objects

3) duplicate objects(the last menu)

if rhino finds objects, press canc and restart you rendering

i've the same artifacts(similar) in my render only when i 've superimposed objects in the scene!


Another suggest:

did you use a map for your material?

if you used it,try to set better your mapp

try higher map-value u and v 10.0 for example...or 5.0


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