Searched the archives for this and can't find the solution, though I know it's been posted before... had to reinstall evertything and Brazil menu doesn't appear by default when Rhino loads, even though Brazil is set as default render. Help...



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Does it actually render correctly?  I haven't seen anything like this before - I have to admit.

Andy, the various Brazil icons can manually be added by right clicking the menu bar and selecting both the 'Brazil -Brazil for Rhino' and 'Brazil -RDK' then dragging them and docking them. However, I have to do this every time, as they don't by default appear when Rhino starts.

It may have been Brian that answered this a long time ago, I somewhat recall having to drag speciifc files into the viewport and dropping them and that was all that was needed...



Aaahhh - so we're talking about the toolbar, not the menu?  Is that correct?

Alan - if this is the case, then you should be able to find the Brazil toolbar by hunting around in the Toolbar Layout dialog, on the Tools menu.


Yes, toolbar is what I meant... these used to appear by default. I can select these as you show and dock them, however, when I start Rhino up again they do not appear by default.



Brazil team,


Any further thoughts on how to fix this? The toolbar menu used to appear (docked) by default, but now I have to add them every time I start Rhino from the Tools menu.




I had the same issue when I installed the Brazil x64 for Rhino 5.

The toolbar 'names' appeared in the toolbar layout manager, but when selecting there was no apparent associated toolbar or icons (as I was seeing with default and panelling tools choices)

I loaded the toolbars directly (dragging the Brasil.tb file onto Rhino) from Program Files\Brazil and the issue was resolved.

I did have to close the Brasil toolbar in the toolbar layout dialogue, as it initially showed up twice after reloading.

All has been totally okay since.


Should have written - "I did have to close the Brasil toolbar in the toolbar layout dialogue, as it initially showed up twice after reloading, AND had not fixed the problem."

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