Related to my last post, I'm trying to make a "complex" material for a section of runway and having trouble getting the different layers of mapping to work together as I expect. 

Just focusing on the diffuse channel for now, I'm using one texture map inside a Blend Texture, to combine my basic asphalt image(mapped using WCS) and the white painted markings. The blending texture is simply UV mapped. Now I've made another texture that will be used to indicate tire markings, and it has to flow from surface to surface so I assume I can just use a separate texture channel to apply it, using Planar mapping. I want to use that tire markings texture inside another blend texture to lighten/darken the asphalt and painted markings, individually or both at once, whatever works. I tried using it in a blend texture nested under my base asphalt color to switch between lighter and darker versions, but even though I have my tire marks blend texture set to use channel 2 and channel 2 on the surface defined as planar, the tire markings are mapped to the UVs, and the mapping of the WCS asphalt is completely wrong too.

Are there some rules I can understand about how different mapping settings and channels interact to figure out this puzzle or is the approach I'm taking simply not going to work?

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Oh, I sent a file to look at but I guess my isolating the surface I'm working on deleted Mappin channel 2 on it, it's supposed to be planar mapped and the texture used is really big relative the actual marks in it because this is a first test of what will have to flow over several objects.

Hi Jim,

I sent you an email just now with the way I would do this blend combo using one advanced blend inside another and two mapping channels. One being channel 1 as surface and the other channel 2 and planar for the tire marks. The asphalt and the white paint each have their own analytic bump as well. 

So yes using Advanced Blend Materials inside each other seems to let me do what I want fine, but(while maybe it winds up in the end being not such a difference, six-to-one, half-dozen to the other,)I wind up combining a whole bunch of materials, and more to come as I want to add at least one more layer of dirt and details, that are really really similar when I all I want to do is basically vary one or two channels on two basic materials. It doesn't seem very efficient from an interface standpoint.

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