Hi all!
Welcome to the Neon Project!
Today we're releasing the first beta version of Neon for Rhino - a fully raytraced viewport plug-in for Rhino 5.0 that supports most Brazil 2.0 materials, environments and settings!
Neon adds a new viewport mode called "Raytraced (Neon)" - there's almost no other UI - it just works.
Neon supports all Rhino 5.0 rendering features - including the sun, skylight, ground-plane, standard materials, environments and most procedural textures.
Neon is a fully working viewport mode. You can edit your model just like any other mode and Neon keeps up. It supports in-command previews (like BlendSrf), real time dragging and so on.
In addition, Neon supports many Brazil settings if Brazil 2.0 SR2 Beta is installed on your computer. This includes most Brazil materials, the GI environment, most Luma server settings, Depth of Field - along with a raft of other bits and pieces. More is coming soon!
Neon works best on powerful hardware, but it's usable on most modern mid-range computers - even laptops. It doesn't require a powerful video card. We recommend 64-bit Rhino 5.0 with at least 4Gb of RAM and an I7 processor - preferably Sandybridge.
Windows Vista or Windows 7 is required. It does not work on Rhino 4.0.
Neon is available from http://v5.rhino3d.com/groups/neon
- Andy

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so we can consider NEON as another altervative rendering engine for rhino!

it's correct?

but,to work,it need to use brazil material editor(or Rhino material)

@ Andrew

congrats for this NEON rendered image


i think has "realistic quality"

I prefer to think of Neon as a viewport mode that is capable of previewing either RhinoRender or Brazil using real-time raytracing.

just a quick question about NEON and  the Brazil env editor compatibility!

when i use a simple env as studio or a gradient env,all goes OK,the NEON viewport runs great and renders all mats and env in the right way!

but,if i create a brazil advanced env

and i put inside it a Jpeg,neon has problems with materials,because all are semi-trasparent,why?

see image below

Can I get the model?

sorry i cant upload the whole model,cause i'm not using a speedy connection(i'm under 3G) and it's hard upload heavy files!

but i can modify the scene ...and upload a simple example to let you understand!

(but,how can i send you a zip file?)

That's great. Send it to andy@mcneel.com by email.



Thanks - we're looking into it now.

send picture please.

agesandros said:


 Will future iterations of Neon / Brazil take advantage of GPU tech - NVIDIA GeForce CUDA cores?

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