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what about networkrendring? Vray do it, Flamingo works fine, Maxwell have it. But what about brazil? it is a must!!! whithout that, we don`t see any future in brazil. The last update works very good. 6 cores are accepted, and most of all setting work stabile. But we have more than 72 Win7 Intel cpu`s and we want to have a render-pluging ( Vray seems to do it in 1.5) that can use every Cpu. Please tell us that brazil can do it in a few month.

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Badger3D is going to be the way to render using a network. It's very affordable but is not a default toolkit in Brazil for Rhino. 

So Badger enables networking currently on Brazil with Rhino 4? Or it's an upcoming feature? Will this be available to all engines who choose to utilize it?

Agreed 100%! And I've also mentioned this many times over the last couple of years. I could access 100+ cores at the office if network was available. I love Brazil but taking so many shortcuts right now to get jobs rendered fast and still have acceptable quality. But when asked to output same image at print resolution, Brazil's lack of network becomes a complete disaster. At work we have VRay & Maxwell, and i would like to push for seats of Brazil (at least for myself) but this one lacking feature always stops me. And yes, my boss does ask if Brazil can be networked!

Of course, give me Brazil 3 + RTU and I will happily shut my mouth!... for a little while ;)

Badger doesn't do networking rendering.  I'm  not sure what Brian meant by this.

Oops... sorry for the confusion. I was mistaking batch rendering with network rendering... my fault. I don't do either obviously. My understanding is that network rendering will not be added to Brazil for Rhino. 

No problem Brain.

Brazil seems to be full integraded in Rhino. We love this renderer. Fast, stabil , a lot of functions, perfect. Go further!!!!!!!!!!!

So we have to have a network-plugin. ( Vray-Spwaner like).

Everybody knows that cpu-power is cheaper than designer-power. Is there any solution?. Every clients look at our previews made by brazil, but we aren`t able to use it for production- renderings.(Just-in-time-project evolutions)

We work with rhino since 1997!!  We have all necessary plug-Ins and use them.But we have to deice which render is best for each projects. Power? quality? Speed?

 Brazil , i think, is the most powerfull render we could have for rhino. Please!!!! create an render manager for networkrendering.

Do it



best wishes



Marcel Oeltjendiers



Still though (and i realize you owe us no explanation... techinically) it would  be nice if we knew of some reason this can not be done. Or if some logical reason why it should not be done. Because i see no downside to having this function...


Andrew le Bihan said:

Badger doesn't do networking rendering.  I'm  not sure what Brian meant by this.

We've actually tried to implement it several times, and always come up against a road block.  We are beginning to get some interesting new developments in this area though...although I won't try to convince you that anything is happening very fast.

There's stuff happening.  I just wish I could show you.

How about if you hire me to work for McNeel for one day, then show me all the new goodies, then fire me... :)

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