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Hi Andy. Some other things I'm badly wanting, and we've discussed a few of them before. Will any of these be in the next update or maybe in 2.1 ?

  • Object ID pass
  • Material ID pass
  • Global switch for chromatic dispersion
  • Fix the scripting, where values fail to initialize without manually forcing them first
  • Environment color goes crazy if adjusting values of HDRI or EXR image
  • "Self" option in the include/exclude lists
  • Set # of reflect/refract bounces per material
Thanks, jonah /


One more... Toggle switch to disable the Final (rgb) render pass, so when we only need one
of the other passes, we don't have to wait for an unneeded render. Even when dumbing down
the render settings, the final pass still hogs a lot of time... ...ok, make that 2 more... Save all
channels to .psd file thanks jonah

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Adding one more here (fairly minor, but a constant frustration):

- RectangularLight objects (and SkyPortals) should be snappable... it's unnecessarily inaccurate to work with the Rectangular Lights, when I should be able to just snap to them.  I realize there's some finesse required here, because I can't grab a corner and drag it out of plane - so you can't allow "PointsOn", but that shouldn't prevent snaps from working in general.

And another: Brazil should have a "show last rendering" option under the Brazil window, that would just bring up the VFB (or whatever Brazil calls it - the window that shows the rendering, various channels, Save button, etc.) with the last rendering in it.  This would be just like 3DMax.  This is very useful in the early phases of a project when I take a quick rendering to check something, keep working in Rhino, then realize I should look again at the rendering (but didn't bother to save it because I am working quickly and testing things out). 

Hi George,


There is a function for your last request in V5.

Awesome, thanks - I installed V5 some time ago but haven't really committed to it yet.   I will check it out.

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