Welcome. I am writing because I have a problem with inserting a background for my animation. I'm trying to do this in the options environment, but half the picture is the picture and the other half not, I do not know what to do to make it right. Maybe give it a rest with Brazil and some other way to do it?
Please and thank you for your help, best regards.

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Could you send us a screen capture of what you are seeing?  Possibly including the 3dm file so we can look at the settings?

Hello, I make a render of what I've done, I find a solution of my first problem, but I have now second with grass, as You can see, I don't know how to do withouth white spots. Please help.


you must check you grass material,and in particular take a look at your mapping settings!

i think there's something wrong in your texture 

could you try with these mats.

take a look at the materials section of this site!

i think you must check your texture grass...

and take a look at the mapping-settings!

Ok, but where are that mapping-settings? I'm working on Polish wersion, and I couldn't find it...

Maybe You could take a look at this by TeamViewer?

OK, I done it, I just change settings in ground plane, and it work. :)


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