Hi people!

i've another question,this time about the sky, loaded in the environment menu!

I downloaded a sky profile(with .renv extension) from this site,several months ago!

this sky profile,loads 3 gradients of color,blue,white and dark blue(and there's not problems for this),but when a start a render, i obtain a good sky with a horizontal line, i think it's the Horizon line...

How can i hide that line?IT's possible?

THANK U so much!

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It sounds like your ground plane is lower than the world origin. This is just a first guess though. Do you have the same problem with the "Physical Sky" environment that comes installed with Brazil? In either case, if you can share an image of what you're seeing, that would help determine the cause.


Can you send me the renv file? Also, does this happen with the default Physical Sky environment? From the render, I can't tell what the noise on the horizon is. You can also send me the 3dm file but make sure to check the "embed all textures" choice in Options>Rendering before saving. If the file is very large you can use our FTP site... http://www2.mcneel.com/upload/Upload.aspx


ok,it's the .renv file the problem,perhaps corrupted?!

however  with default physical sky environment,there'isn the same problem!



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