Hi everyone, i recently got Brazil for Rhinogold. But i wanted to ask you in the window of RhinoGold render studio for Brazil, in the section of ground plates options, i only have the possibility of choose arquitecture, fabrics, marble, metals, plastics, solid colors and wood. And i remember when i downloaded the trial, Brazil came with more options, for example: white ground plates among others, and not only in that part but also in materials there were more options.


Well i don't know if there is some option that i haven't click on it or its just the program doesn't come with that. I don't know.
Thanks everyone for your time. 
Diana Silva


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Hi Diana,

I think the problem is you are using RhinoGold Render Studio 2.0 instead of 3.0.

Please go to www.en.rhingold.com/userarea.htm and download 3.0. It is free update.

If you have any doubt, don't hesitate to contact me.


Rafael del Molino
TDM Solutions SL

Hi, Thank you very much for the answer, yes in fact i didn't have the latest version but now i do. 

Im trying to render some charms that i've been doing but i still dont find a good way to show the silver in a good way. Also i need to render in white background so i dont know how to put the lights and try to show a very good picture, it all looked all washed out. Right now it looks like is some photoshop picture and of course thats not the idea. I will attached a picture of my idea and see if you can give some advices. 


Thank you


Hi Diana,

I'd suggest swapping out the HDR in the GI environment. I'm not sure if Rafa calls the texture and environment by these names so it may just be a new "environment" in render studio. The download section on this site has a bunch of links to HDR files. I think that will really change the result quickly for you... looking pretty good so far though! 


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