I'm looking for texture/material anything with shell.


Thanks anyone!


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Sea shell?... nut shell? Do you have an image of the material you're after? Both of these possible types vary greatly...


sea shell, i have a project in a shape of the shell...take a look!

Hi Marzena,

I'd use a photograph like you are already or work with procedural textures and gradients. Here's a quick try using the second approach... maybe it'll be useful for you.Use this material with a planar mapping method and then adjust the mapping widget for varied effects.

I was looking for something like that (in attached files) but this one is nice too. I'm having trouble with downloading it thiough... can you send me again?

Please try downloading the rmtl file by right clicking over the link and choosing "save link as". This works for me but I will try and determine why the link crashes the browser when clicked directly.


Your two examples are more complicated than what I did. I think the logarithmic spiral one might be fairly simple if the surface geometry also followed that curve. I'll try and mock up what I mean and post it for you.


Yes it worked, thanks!!

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