HI Brian ,it will be very helpful of you if you could post a video for creating skin texture material.

i have a hand model and need assistance on how to apply a uv mapped texture on it .ihave not yet created the uv map texture but need to know if it is possible to apply uvmap textures like in 3dsmax. the reason is the hand should look realistic.i have a sample jpg of a render i have done in rhinogold but the material is plain.

regards and thanks in advance

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Hi Dinesh,

The first thing I'd suggest trying is the "Skin" shader included in the Brazil Advanced Material. Use the Brazil Advanced Material and then select the drop down menu for the shader type in the material editor. The Skin shader has a variety of controls that you can use to make the hand look more realistic. You can also create a custom UV map for the hand using the v5 beta of Rhino if that becomes necessary. 

My suggestion (and i know this sounds lame, but) - instead of spending huge amounts of time modeling/mapping/texturing such a complex object as this, you may find it much more cost-efficient to buy it online from a 3D content seller. This would normally include all related maps which you can apply to the skin shader texture slots... Unless you have a lot of experience in creating photo-realistic human models and skin textures (including bump textures, vein patterns, blemishes, subsurface depth, etc), I'd not waste my effort on it...

I would concur with Jonah, just buy a hand, or composite it into a photo.

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