Dear all,


I tried to make a string light/ neon tube and saw this tutorial:


Unfortunately, there are something that brazil 2.0 for rhino cannot do for the more details setting, for example:


- The editing of falloff curve by blend material, in order to get a real glow effect,

- The color map amount by utility material cannot be set higher,


- In order to blend the utility (as material1) with glass material (material2) it just takes very long to render.





The result I made:

(the render time depend on the detail(distance of camera). The first rendering take over 30 min. and the last one only 4 min.)

The renderings I made looks very differently then the tutorial. If there are something we can do by brazil for rhino in order to creat a great looking string/neon tube?


The scene loaded.



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Hi Frank,

Here's an alternate method of making a neon tube material that might be of interest. It's not exactly the same but close and very fast. I saved the file in v5 format and without the textures to reduce size. The main technique is in the material for the Neon tube. It is a Fresnel blend with brightness materials embedded with BAMs for their reflectivity. I then tweaked the Luma server a little as well for the lighting. Increasing the GI energy multiplier will further brighten the cast neon light on the wall. 


and the file...


And here's my method - which copies the tutorial but replaces the two "missing" parts with stuff that you can do in Rhino...

The Falloff texture on the blend is replaced by a Brazil Angular Blend material.

The texture slot can't be set higher than 100%, but you can drop a Single Color texture into a Texture Adjustment texture and set the multiplier to whatever you want - and that seems work great.

V5 file and images attached.


Oh - and the render times are fine here.

Thanks guys,


is that possible that u guys upload the 3dm in rhino V4?

Yup - and here's the material file too...if that makes things even easier.


Here's a v4 version of mine... 


now looks much better.

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