Hi all,

I just bought a Brazilian Rhino transmission case through a Midwest supplier, and I have some concerns about the quality of the casting.When I ordered the case, the supplier called me within the hour to say that it was out of stock; No big deal, they called out to their supplier who shipped me one direct.I recieved a sealed box from VW / Audi of Brazil packed inside another box. Upon inspecting the case, the top of the bellhousing is extemely rough and there are tooling marks on the inside of the case. Also, the same rough texture extends down one side, and there is corresponding rough finishing on the inside of the case. It looks like cracked eggshell.Has anybody had quality issues / failures from these cases? Part of this is my own fault for not researching better: If I had realized that these cases were coming from Brazil I might not have bought one.Anybody?

Please help.

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