Hi guys, I haven't been on the site for a while, so today I got a new "first impression" and wanted to share it.

All of these comments are written in a direct manner, in black and white, with rough love. I do so to keep focus and be effective as it is during work hours. So remember that I am not a troll while you read this. I just want Brazil to get the love it deserves.

Too much is going on, and it looks like we entered the middle of a site. It's like if the cover of a magazine has been ripped off. Tune it so it is to the point and shows off the nicest stuff right away. With a nice headline explaining what this is. Remember that in many companies users have to convince the economics that they need the product.
"Brazil, pro rendering tool for Rhino v4 and v5" is a good start.

Take a look at these guys, they know how to create desire to spend money (and that is a good thing if the product is good):

"Pixelated fragments in finished render?!" Is NOTHING you want to showcase on the front! It's like saying: Beware, the product may be faulty...

So remove the forum feed and just have a link to the forum there. Add info like: "Have questions? ask them on our active forum!" or something like that.

Legazy website???
How long is that going to stay there? Remove it. If we click it then it just stays "loading" an image that doesn't appear. It gives the impression that you guys do not know what you are doing.
The entire site seems too big. Brazil is just a render app that makes users projects better, faster, smoother, easier to sell. Don't overcomplicate that message.


- Difficult to understand if they apply to V4, V5 or both.
What if user has V4 disk, shall he just download the SR?
Does it require V4 installed?

It says in small letters at the bottom of the first paragraph, but people don't like to read. So add an icon, put it in bold. Remember that a lot of designers are dyslectic.

Rhino Toolbar for Brazil:
-Image missing

HDRI Backgrounds and lighting
-needs icons. Brazil is for making images, for visual users, so communicate to the visual part of the user.

Gallery Materials
-This doesn't make sense. What is it?
-Rename to Materials, (or gallery of materials if you neeed the gallery word in there for some reason)

Service Releases:
-(Plural, but only one link...)
- Add "for v4 and v5" to the description. both on the link and on the page.

You should have more than 5 tutorials by now.
And the "Getting started guide" has the uggliest frontpage/image I have ever seen on a tutorial for a pro render app.
It looks like it was made in the nineties, with povray, added text with photoshop 1.0, by someone who don't know too much about graphic design (sorry, but that is what it looks like to me), and that is ok if it is a home made, free tutorial, but not ok when it is provided by you. So spend 40 bucs on a designer and get a nice cover. It is worht it, and you will feel proud.

Neon: Where is neon?
Add all neon related stuff here. Neon brings the best out of Brazil and visa versa.

-Love Jørgen

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Thanks a lot - once I get out from under this current pile of stuff, I'll start implementing this.

 - Andy

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