Basic Tutorials

An video introduction to Brazil for Rhino

Learn how to set up a simple rendering using Brazil for Rhino. This beginner video shows how to control the quality of the rendering produced in Brazil by adjusting simple skylight and anti-aliasing settings. The creation and assignment of materials and environments is also covered.

Product Rendering in Brazil

Learn how to set up a product rendering in Brazil for Rhino. Material creation concepts and the use of HDRI environments are covered in this advanced rendering tutorial.

Getting Started Guide

This is intended for the Rhino user unfamiliar with advanced rendering programs such as Brazil. Also available in these languages:

Intermediate Tutorials

Faster Renderings with Cache

Leasrn how to using the Brazil Render Cache with Auto Occlusion for fast renderings.

Making materials with Brazil for Rhino

In this holiday tutorial you'll learn the process of making a variety of materials using Brazil for Rhino.


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