Brazil for Rhino!

For me, this is a wonderful addition to Rhino - a great render! Very controlable and also very simple to use if some of it's basics are understood. I hope to cover some of these basics and procedures with tutorials and materials demonstrating their use.

A Brazil Material Library.

This is a 'Standardized' scene which can be used as the basis of a Library of Materials for Brazil 4 Rhino. A good, comprehesive material library is important for successful useage of this rendering engine - besides it's a lot of fun to exchange materials with other users.

The scene contains a main material object along with a support object, floor and a number of HDRI's to be used with reflective/refractive materials. This scene has been created with a few choosen Brazil Environments set as presets in order to try the materials under different conditions. I wanted to keep a standard for the scene though obviously you can use what-ever favorite HDRI you may want. These HDRI's are from and used with generous permission granted.

Download this file - it contains the scene and all of the content used to create the different Environment presets.

Over the next while I will be writing tutorials and providing examples of some materials - not necessarily run-of-the-mill type of stuff and hopefully will spur on material and rendering ideas which can be shared and exchanged by others. For the time being, material presets will be uploaded to the Gallery section of this site. Click on any image and a link to the actual material can be found in the text area. Questions/comments can be asked there or in the Support Area of this site.

Have some fun with these - soon it will be worked out to have users upload their favorite materials to a specific area of this site.


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I have worked as an illustrator for almost 30 years..... additionally, a fine artist for half of those. Some examples here:

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