Alternate Materials

These are some alternate Paint and Lacquer materials imbedded in this orignial 'swoosh' scene. It contains a variation on the environment and the exact settings I used to produce the image - I thought maybe some could use that as a starting off place for their own experimentations and renderings.

Here is the file:

A few notes

The sparkle metal flake effect is created with noise effecting the specular level - I found anything between .02 and .07 to work and some trial and error is required. And you have to do some of the trial and error with full AA active as the sampling can dramatically remove the effect. Nothing like setting up the perfect noise density at a medium AA setting (for render test speed) and finding the AA removed all hints of any 'flakiness' at high production output AA.


I got the brilliant idea of heavily contrasting the noise to really push the grain :-) Most of the materials don't use this feature but some of the previous materials do. Upping it can really make the flakes pop and sing - or else completely over-saturate everything! Lots of room to definitely over-do your scene completely!:-)

Author,  Pauls

I have worked as an illustrator for almost 30 years..... additionally, a fine artist for half of those. Some examples here:

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