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This is geared toward someone just getting a feel for Brazil and won't attempt to cover much more than a basic procedure - it is where I always start when-ever I'm creating an image in Brazil though.

There are lots of controls in Brazil - many places to get lost and also many places to foul up in if you aren't quite sure of what you are doing. Most rendering engines are like this so Brazil isn't particularily more difficult than anything else - yes, some are simpler but it really doesn't take too long to get the feel of where everything is.

It is possible to get great results in Brazil with just a few simple clicks - no stress....just lots of creative fun!:-)

Where do you click first?

There are so many places!

When-ever I have instructed students, results have always been of primary importance - not necessarily 'correct' procedure. Procedure is important but it's only there to get results.

What is important and what isn't important to get results? - and by results I mean a good looking image from Brazil. Not even a photo-realistic image but a visually pleasing image.

The skylight is your friend. The skylight is your best, best friend!!:-)

Forget about spotlights, pointlights, etc, etc for now. There is a light automatically on as soon as you open Rhino but if you engage the skylight, that light turns itself off - one less thing to get in our way. Click the skylight on!

From the Menu bar Brazil>Render Settings - clicked on.

Then activate the Skylight in the Simple Luma Server.

Now anything you put into you scene is going to look good. It will be correctly exposed (when the skylight was created it was set-up to give a full-range exposure - not blown-out or under-exposed - just right).

Create a ground plane (floor - without a floor the skylight is not quit fool-proof) and put a few simple objects in your scene. It's white, it's grainy but it has nice shadow quality, everything looks 3D and solid-like and has a pleasing exposure.

Here's the result.

Something which isn't absolutely needed, but I do it all the time, is to compose the view as I want and then name the view so I can recall that anytime I wish.

The Environment

If we are going to have some reflective objects then an environment is essential for good results. Open up the Environment Editor and you will see a Basic Environment in the first slot. Let's not use the basic one but load in a GI Environment - I use this one all the time. Click on the file icon (in the red box) and select GI Environment - click OK and that's done.

Click on the File Icon (in red) and select HDR Texture (also in red) - I am assuming you have downloaded the content files for the Material Scene - if you haven't do so now. Select any of the HDR Textures from the contents folder I'm using PSneighbor_Final.

One last thing and we'll leave the environment editor - probably even too much time spent here but if there are any reflective objects, it is vital you have a good/great HDRI in your Environment. Make sure the Original projection is Light Probe and ther Output is set to Equirectangular. You may need to turn down the multiplier if your reflections are too hot/bright.

Assign some Materials

Easiest way- download a bunch you think might work. That's a great way to find a look you are after and then tweak it to your satisfaction. Don't get frustrated if it doesn't quite resemble the material look in the gallery - that's only one lighting condition so expect to have the material be slightly different...or even dramatically different.

Also, just using the default materials works very well to - they feel optimized to get acceptable results with minimal tweaks.


Here's the finished result - not an absolute master-piece but it is definitely an acceptable rendering and with more understanding on the Brazil toolset, can be brought to a higher level of refinement.

It is possible to get quick, fast and good looking results from Brazil with minimal fuss. I do it all the time - my clients need to see something right away and the quality I can get out of Brazil makes them very happy - which makes me happy too:-)

Have some creative fun!!

Scene file here:



Author,  Pauls
I have worked as an illustrator for almost 30 years..... additionally, a fine artist for half of those. Some examples here: http://homepage.mac.com/sherstobitoff/PhotoAlbum.html

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