A Christmas present: Brazil Material Library Beta

Hi all

The Brazil material library issue is something that's been bubbling away at McNeel for years, and never really suitable resolved.  I think it's time to do something about it, so I've decided that we're going to put together as full featured a material library as possible which can be downloaded in one piece from this website.

The first beta of this material library is available from here:


It only works on Rhino 5.0 at the moment.  And it installed into a sub-directory of the "Render Content" folder that opens in the Libaries panel.  In addition, it installs a "Favorites" link in Windows Explorer on Windows Vista, 7 and 8.

In addition to collecting together all of the materials that we've had on this site, I've also put together ready environment files made from all of Brian James' HDRs.  I've made sure that all of the textures and HDRs are included, and properly pathed.  And perhaps the most important thing - I've customized the thumbnail previews so that they are detailed versions of the rendered previews on this website.

On Windows Vista onwards, you can increase the size of the thumbnails in both the library panel and Windows Explorer up to 256x256.  And you can drag and drop these fully previewable files directly onto Rhino objects to assign them.

There are currently about 220 materials and 35 environments included in the library.  My hope is that with user input and some work here at McNeel, we can expand the library to around 2000 materials.  I hope you'll help me to achieve that aim over the next few months.

If you would like to submit a material for the library, please send it to me at andy@mcneel.com as an rmtl file.  If you are really keen, you will use the material preview scene in the "Scenes" folder of the library to render a preview of the material and send it to me - preferably as a BMP file - zipped up with the rmtl.  Even of you don't go to that trouble, I will go through the process here.

If you have any other comments about the library layout or its existing contents, please post here on the forum.


 - Andy

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It sounds to me like something is fundamentally wrong - would it be possible to remote control your computer sometime over the next couple of days to see what's going on?  Or could you post some screen captures with the errors that you are seeing.

 - Andy

Hi Andy ! 

        Thanks for responding to my emails ,

I am sorry for delay ,I was Travelling for work.

I downloaded the whole pack from the Brazil sites Library as you sent to me ,thanks for that & I try to load some & it worked ,but sometimes it is not working or maybe I am not doing the right way for Loading HDR s to my project but when I drag & drop on top of objects that time is working but when I have to load an HDR to it it is  not .I am doing Jewelry designs & lets say I need to make a Sphere or a Cube & then have to add an Environmental background  ,after I have to add a light to my cube as you see on Brazil site to all the example pictures then sometimes its not working as it shows on Video Tutorials.

  I am sorry for a Hard time ,I wish I could take some classes to learn more things & how to render properly on  Brazil .

 But I will try to see  more videos on you tube or on Brazil sites about more renderings.

   If anytime I will have a problem or some issues with Brazil ,can I write to you asking about it ?if so ,I will appreciate )

 Thanks again!


Hi Andy,

we have purchased rhino 5 now and upgraded to 64 bit brazil. But the library sill wont install.

It keeps quitting after a message stating that the material folder could not be found.

(I am installing the package as temporary administrator on a user's account) i'm afraid it is a matter of user domain and related "user" folders.

Thank you.

Hi, are there any news regarding my issue?

Thank you.


My guess is that this is a localization issue with the library.  Do you get this message when you install:

"The Rhino 5 library folder could not be found.  The installation cannot continue."

Yes, this is the message we get.


Are you in Europe?  If so, would it be possible to remote control your machine to see what's going on?

 - Andy

Yes, I am in Europe GMT+1 time zone, but I guess the corporate's firewall wont'allow the remote control. I will ask the IT department about.

Ok, the IT department gave green light to remote controlling, they only want to witness the thing.

Giorgio Santero said:

Yes, I am in Europe GMT+1 time zone, but I guess the corporate's firewall wont'allow the remote control. I will ask the IT department about.

ciao Giorgio te lo scrivo in italiano,cosi ci capiamo meglio:

il problema,da quello che intuisco io,è legato non a brazil ma alla versione di R5 che hai installato sul pc!

molto probabilmente,quando l hai installato,ti ha caricato sul pc tutto tranne che una cartella,cioè quella dei materiali,in teoria,se è vero che è mancante,per risolvere,dovresti intanto capire il percorso in cui questa cartella dovrebbe essere creata,crearla manualmente,e infine,solo dopo esserti assicurato che è presente sul pc,tentare di installare il material pack,che se hai fatto le cose come si deve,si installerà senza problemi,dandoti i materiali nella relativa finestra di esplorazione!

se la cartella c è,e non riesci ad installare la libreria dei materiali,tralascia quanto detto,si vede che il problema è un altro!

buon lavoro!


i think the problem about mat-library could be the material folder-lack inside the R5 system folder 

try to add it manually and only then try to reinstall the material library to solve your issue!

Ciao agesandros, grazie per l'intervento.

Mi potresti dire dov'è collocata la cartella materiali?


Do you know where usually the material folder is located?

ripeto non so se è la soluzione al tuo problema!


se vuoi installare il material pack devi creare una nuova cartella in

C:\Users\(YOUR USER NAME)\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0

crea una cartella denominata "Localization"

e ancora dentro un'ulteriore cartella chiamata "en-US" e per finire una cartella al suo interno denominata "Render Content"

adesso puoi installare il tuo package

 if you want install this material package,you must create a new folder in:
C:\Users\(YOUR USER NAME)\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0

create a new folder called Localization
inside this new folder create another folder called en-US,and finally a new folder called Render Content
now you can installal your package!

facci sapere se risolvi!

o se la cartella è presente già di suo!


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