Sorry if this has been answered before but I looked for previous posts and could not find an answer.
I am modeling in Rhino and when I save a file as an .stl and open it in Cut3D, All of the smooth surfaces are jagged. I have tried many options to fix this but the right one. I'm assuming this is more of a Rhino problem but any ideas on how to fix this?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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Thank you.

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I'd suggest posting general 3D modeling questions like this one on the main Rhino user forum here, you'll get more visibility... https://discourse.mcneel.com/ 

At a guess, this sounds like the smoothing setting for the mesh display in your other program is set to flat versus smooth. This is only a display setting in most programs. If you require more polygons in your mesh you would need to subdivide it. Currently, the Weaverbird add-on for Grasshopper provides an option for this in Rhino if needed. 

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