Can any one recommend books or resources that will help me understand rendering more? There is allot of terminology used i am not familiar with..  Also how to set up lights, create realistic materials etc. I have been self learning but its a slow process!

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A couple of suggestions:

1. Digital Lighting & Rendering by Jeremy Birn

2. The HDRI Handbook by Christian Bloch. This is primarily intended for HDRI photography, but some useful content.

I'm sure there a ton more detailed stuff out there... perhaps others can comment.

PS. I still don't understand all the terminology...



Neil Blevins site is quite informative. It's mainly based on 3D Max and early versions of Brazil, but still useful.

There's a bunch of good videos available online. Just Google "Brazil for Rhino tutorials". Here's a good one.

One thing that helped me was downloading some of the materials available from this site, loading them into Rhino, studying the parameters used to create them and tweaking them to see what effect various changes made.




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