Brazil 2.0 for Rhino SR3 Beta 1 Now Available

Hi all

Brazil 2.0 for Rhino SR3 Beta 1 is now available from:

Now that Service Release 2 is out with its raft of bug fixes and minor improvements, it's time for the big new feature drop!  SR3 of Brazil for Rhino will include a ton of new stuff - most importantly:

  • Analytic displacement (ie - no geometry, low memory usage).
  • Thin translucency support.
  • Improved UI for Rhino 5.0.
  • Cellular texture(s).
  • Improved support for Neon.

Most of this is already in this build - at an early stage of development.  We hope that some of you will download and use it to tell us what you think we can do to improve the new features and the Brazil renderer for Rhino in general!  

Now is finally the time!  Let the wish list be re-opened!


 - Andy

20121123: Service Release 3 Beta 1


- Improvements to BAM transparency/opacity viewport simulation
- Allow > 100% connection values for textures.
- Thin translucency texture.
- Per object analytic displacement.
- Per material analytic displacement.
- Cellular texture
- Rhino 5.0 panel based settings UI.
- Saved preset files are now displayed in the presets manager.

Bug fixes:

- Workaround for bug in Rhino 4.0 and 5.0 SR0 with Mask texture returning a value in the alpha channel.
- Linear workflow gamma correction was incorrect for environments.

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A quick note on the use of the Thin Transparency texture:

The idea of this texture is that it simulates the kind of material that isn't really "transparent", but it still lets light through from behind it.  Think cloth, paper, mica - that kind of thing.  It's great for Japanese lanterns for example.  At the moment, the way to use it is to add it to the "Extra Light" slot of a Brazil Advanced Material, and then make sure you have a light source behind the object.

We're planning to integrate it into the BAM shader system itself, so that it lives in the same place as "Ghost" and "Wax" - probably in the next beta.  In the meantime - have fun making cloth and paper!

 - Andy

More details on new features:

Bongo 2.0 motion blur support is coming in the next beta.

Distributed rendering will take longer - we doubt that will make it into SR3, but we certainly expect to work on it. Possibly SR4.

Per-material displacement:  obviously the materials will not work correctly in SR0-SR2 of Brazil.  But it's now possible to make "grass" type materials with built in displacement.  There's no support for sharp-edges at the moment - the surface will come apart at that point.  We're working on that now.

The Cellular texture is currently very much "in beta".  There's an advanced version that can do fractal synthesis in development - again, we hope that will make Beta 2.

More on the UI changes.

This version includes a panel based settings, erm, panel.  We've recoded it so that it can resize down to the smaller widths you can expect from panels, so working with the settings should be much more comfortable now.

We haven't, however, made many changes in there yet.  The only thing that's really changed is that its now possible to load the pre-installed presets from the "Preset Manager" drop down.

That "Preset Manager" is currently in "hot" development - we expect to drop something radical pretty soon.  I complete "canned presets" system that will basically take over the default UI complete with image previews.

To that end:  If you have presets that you like and think work well, we'd love to see them posted here.

Very nice news ! Dont forget on channels ;) 

My preset on jewels ... 

Thank you very much! And no - I won't forget channels!
With each preset, it would be great if we could get an example image.

I'm not getting the ground plane crash.  Does this happen for you on a simple box-and-a-ground-plane-with-no-materials model?

Physical sky?  Yup - I can fix that.  Thanks.

Got it. We'll get a fix out ASAP.



Is it possible to:


1. Add/create a 'job queue' feature (aka Maxwell) that will allow multiple jobs to be rendered and still allow you to work in Rhino, rather than having to wait until the render job completes?

2. Removing the 'Pause render' button made sense since it never worked anyway. However, a pause/resume feature would be good to have, especially on a big time consuming render.

3. Definable DOF, taking the guesswork out of what f-stop to use. By this, I mean a start and stop point that would have evrything within this boundary in perfect focus.

4. More template/example files for users to use as a starting point, especially around environments. Creating a backplate/HDRI environment wasn't particularly intuitive for me when I started using Brazil. Making it easier for new users has to be a good thing.

5. Documentation. Brazil documentation (and detailed explanations for the average user) is so lacking. I still refer to the Brazil 3DS manual to figure out... I'm sure the folks that developed Brazil fully understood exactly what every feature does, but documenting it adequately for us mere mortals wasn't high on their list :-)... There are still a number of items in Brazil I have simply no idea what they are for...

6. Materials. One often cited criticism of Brazil is the lack of readily available materials, either online or the fact that it ships with no material library. A more extesive, actually much more extensive, material library would be very welcome. The user base hasn't exactly stepped up and made this happen either... see my earlier comment on fixing the materials upload page...


Just a few passing thoughts...




1) "Job Queue" - we're going to look at that.  However, the reason why Maxwell can do it so easily is because Maxwell is a separate process.  This means it takes a lot longer to translate the data, and uses a lot more memory (because it has to copy everything).  Brazil doesn't do that, but it means that we can't run Rhino as a modeler during the rendering.  The solution is simply to launch another instance of Rhino and start the rendering in there...and that's probably what we'll do.

2) "Pause button" - what would you want this to do?  I've already mentioned that we can't go back to modelling during a rendering, pause button or not - so the only possible thing it could do is sit there and wait for you to un-pause it.  Of course - I could see that could come in useful, especially if you have another Rhino open for modelling.

3) "Definable DOF" This is hard, but possible.  I'll put it on the list.

4) Templates, presets and materials is something I want to work on as hard as possible.

5) What is lacking?

6) See 4.

What about 'LD map' in a BAM?

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