Brazil 2.0 for Rhino SR3 Beta 3 Now Available

Hi all

Brazil 2.0 for Rhino SR3 Beta 3 is now available from:

We've been working through your wish lists and bug reports, and there's a few nice bits and pieces in here.  In particular, we've fixed the displacement issues (shadows and mesh face edge artifacts) and we've sorted out the decals-on-blocks problem.  There's "Self" support for exclude lists and ray depth overrides for all ray casting materials.


 - Andy

2012-12-19: Service Release 3 Beta 3


  • "Self" support added to Exclude lists where possible.
  • Override max ray depth option added to Chrome, Glass, BAM and Porcelain
  • RenderBlowup retains the previous frame buffer and renders over the top of the previous rendering if possible.

Bug fixes:

  • Decals did not work correctly on block inserts
  • Porcelain specular color did not work
  • Renderblowup command did not render the same area that has been selected in the viewport.
  • Per-pixel displacement artifacts appeared at mesh edges
  • Per-pixel displacement caused incorrect shadows

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Tried the include/exclude lists with occlusion texture and it doesn't seem to have any effect  :/

Ahhhh - nuts.  Yes - this relies on a new feature in Rhino 5 SR2 (which is, of course,  the one we tested on) - per object shaders.  I will be able to solve it for Brazil materials (so it won't work on a Basic Material until SR2) but I'm about to leave for the holidays and I won't have time to sort it out until after Christmas now.'ll have to hold on a bit longer!

Been holding on a few years. What's a few extra weeks? have a great holiday Andy :)

I have a case where it's being a LOT slower. I have a sequence of an aircraft taking off and usually towards the end of the shot it speeds up a lot because there's little in the way of scenery(just grass and pavement and a billboard treeline.) Instead it's actually getting slower. Tried hiding all of it to narrow down, no help, it just gets hung up for a ludicrous amount of time on the horizon. Unless somehow the motion blur settings that beta 3 says it doesn't work with my current Bongo are 'stuck on' or something, I don't see any evidence of it actually doing that.

Jim - displacement at the horizon is going to be slow.  If you have some way to get rid of that, that will solve it.

Hi Andy,

This wasn't due to displacement.


Andrew le Bihan said:

Jim - displacement at the horizon is going to be slow.  If you have some way to get rid of that, that will solve it.

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