Hi all

There's a new Beta of SR2 available for download from here:


It's mainly an expiry update, but there are some bugs fixed and quite a few under-the-surface changes.

Sorry this release is so close to the expiry date of the last beta - we had terrible problems getting this build ready due to failing hardware!

 - Andy

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I'm not getting a key when I download...ah nevermind, delete this.

Thanks Andy!

I fired up V4 for kicks and it seems the beta knocked the default toolbar file out of the workspace settings.

It shouldn't do that...

Well I don't use V4 much anymore so I can't say for sure it was the cause, but it happened on one of my machines.

hello. any news for an update, so we can work tomorrow?

Best wishes



Sorry - forgot to update the expiry on the web page.  Fixing it now.

After downloading and installing the update, at startup, 'Brazil for Rhino Beta has expired'.

Hmmm i download latest installer and i have everything ok.

Brazil for Rhino Beta will expire on 31 October 2012

Duh... helps if I download the 32 bit version for V4... working fine...

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