Convex Edge Addition to Occlusion Shader?

Hi Andy,


Could we have a convex (and concave) edge option on the occlusion shader? 


I need a method of producing consistent occlusion around all sharp or filleted edges (although this may negate the true definition of occlusion?...). 


I use this style of occlusion all the time with Modo, but would love to see this option added in Brazil.


I can get some nice occlusion shading with the refraction option, but (obviously) just not with the edge consistency I need.


Thank you!


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there was a curvature texture added to SR3 Beta 4. Link to details is below :

Thanks Jonah, that definitely helps...

...however, I still can't get the even distribution of edge shading/occlusion that I need.  I work primarily on wood products/furniture and I can't capture the even edge glazing often seen in furniture production. My best efforts with Brazil are using refraction (adjusting focus as needed) in the occlusion shader (now in conjunction with the curvature texture), but this also forces me to duplicate materials and adjust refraction within the occlusion shader as needed for different angle surfaces...I would much prefer one global material assignment...


I need the occlusion to "bleed" smoothly over small filleted edges (1/32"-1/4") and onto the surface "flats"...


Just as a point of reference, with the Modo occlusion, I get even distribution on all edges (this is not an indictment regarding Brazil--just a point of reference--I absolutely love where Neon & Brazil are going!)


Thanks again for your help and any further suggestions!



Jonah Barnett said:

there was a curvature texture added to SR3 Beta 4. Link to details is below :

Can we see a picture of what you're trying to do?


Please see the attached image from Modo.  I increased the occlusion slightly, just to make it more visible--normally it is somewhat more subtle (with slightly more width variation).


Thank you!




I would very much like the same function, as i work in the jewelry industry and rendering oxidation-relief effects would be much easier... Have you tried using the subsurface scatter texture? I used it to generate a similar effect in this render...


Very nice!!!

I normally start w/ the Brazil porcelain material...

Plug the subsurface scatter into the color slot of the porcelain material?  ....and then place my wood jpeg into which slot in the subsurface scatter texture?

Really need the glaze/hangup to wrap around edges per my attachment and yours (and have control of intensity and variation).



Try occlusion shader alignToMode - 2, it could work quite well.
Btw, i get this error message when changing focus, bgColor or occludedColor values.

Hi Janne,

That looks like what I need, but I cannot a "Brazil Occlusion shader", but rather a "Brazil Occlusion Texture" with a totally different set of parameters.


Where do I find this shader?  I'm using the latest version of Brazil.


Thanks so much!



That shader is not recommended - you have to turn on development shaders.  The Occlusion texture is the same shader, but with a better UI.  It also has "Align To Mode" - and you will need to set it to "Refract" to get the same effect.


I have "refract" set, but no "align to mode" is visible?


Sorry - not "Align to mode" - just "Align to:"

The settings shown are exactly same same as the ones above - just with the better UI.


I have that set (per my first post), but I'm not getting a consistent occlusion per Janne's.  I have the occlusion texture plugged into the porcelain material in the color slot.

Refraction gives the best result, but not the edge consistency that I need.

(And, yes, I know, I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed, but I'm tryin'!)



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