HI All!

i'm trying to improve an external sunny scene, a" villetta" under a warm sunny day!

BUT i cant  able to obtain a realistic lighting...

Because, the shadows  seems in some parts too deep and dark,and in other ones completely absent because illumination is too strong!! i'm spending my time to set up luma server menu,up\down energy tweaks,gamma value,saturation,but i'm not fully satisfied!

in that scene,which kind of illumination can i use? an omni rhino light?a brazil sun? a directional light?  how can i find the right balance between shadows zone and illuminated area of my building?

i think i must improve materials,and the environment!

but, i just want obtain a clear light,i think i'm using a wrong light type and environment and the render seems to be in some parts burned,and dirty specially in the shadows!



 About the night scene:

i'm not using any type of lights,but only  brazil brightness material(amount = 5.0) applied to 5 streetlights!

but the render image is terribly burned!why?

i set up the bounces but nothing to do!

any suggestions?


sorry 4 my bad English, and greetings from Italy! 

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hi alan

i surf your link

but i don't saw any Dutch Skies 360 Promo LIbrary

can you help me?

it's free stuff?

At the bottom of the rather lengthy page:


'Dutch Skies 360 - Free 001' and 'Dutch Skies 360 - Free 002'




find it!thank a lot!!:)

Hi people...

new problem,with lights!

i want illuminate the bed-room  with a clear and warm light from the lamp near the bed!

which kink of light  can i use for that purpose?

Hi Agesandros,

This is one of the toughest types of lighting to get right. I would use a point light with disc area shadows and a brightness material blended with a basic transparent material for the shade. Use GI and adjust the power of the point light to taste. I made this sample for you to poke through for all the little details. Note my 5 second furniture design using the v5 Shell command! This is a v5 file too so use the beta to view it if you're not already using v5.  This is a 13 second render here for comparison. 

thanks brian!!!

what do you say, can 'go? other suggestions?

the only light source is  brazil sun!!!

hi people,i was surfing the legacy website and i found a interesting discussion about exterior rendering


but there's a suggest i cant understand


Use area shadows (circle or sphere). If you want the blur (penumbra) of your shadows to approximate the real blur of sun shadows you have find out what radius you have to use. To do this, get the altitude of your sun, multiply it by the radius of the real sun and divide it by the distance from the earth to the sun


If you use a directional light you can also use the photometric tab. The sun's spectrum is similar to a blackbody with a temperature of 5,800 K. You can use the photometric tab to set this.

these suggests, are yet effective?

what means the first part?how much is it the real sun radius?and what is the distance from the earth?perhaps the distance of direct light from infinite plane?

second part:

i tried to use direct light with photometric feature active-->blackbody with 5800K

but when i start a render,appears a great number  of illuminated circles!why?

i turn off  the caustic feature from luma server,but not the solution...

any suggestion?

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